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Transport Protection.

ShieldEvac can identify the need of transport protection and implement necessary safety actions for our client’s logistical needs on land, air and sea, all over the world. ShieldEvac protective transport services were created to fulfil the needs of a wide variety of logistical companies, ideal when transporting goods into war torn countries, or in countries where theft is unavoidable.

Our protective transport security specialists integrate themselves with your logistical convoy either by road, air, sea or railway. We can assist with multilingual supervisors and operators allowing transport companies to easily pass check or control points.

In a world where the transportation of goods is vital to the success of a streamlined supply chain, when high value items have to reach their destination, our obligation is to hold timelines while safely transporting your materials and equipment around the world. We assure logistical cooperation and communication 24/7 between our clients and our operators on the ground through our 24/7/365 Operations Centre – ON TIME AND GIVEN VERY SHORT NOTICE.

List of Services
Land / Air / Sea

ShieldEvac evaluates the best ways for an efficient transportation. Our specialized teams conduct a security audit, collects open or sensitive information needed to estimate and detect potential problems. Information is gathered on locations at both ends of the journey, as a result we determine the most relevant and secure means for cost efficient services.

By traveling with your goods or when integrating into our clients transport missions, Sunforte operatives will be there to advise and assist at every step of the journey. Preparation of the mission, avoiding chokepoints and enabling smooth transit through borders are made possible by the close cooperation between the Operations office and our operatives on the ground. Clients and/ or Insurance companies rely on the SUnforte Security team on land, air and sea.

Our special operations team, will be part of every sensitive operation, may it be High value objects, fine art, jewellery or sensitive documents. We can also provide and acquire special containers or any other additional equipment that may be an obligation for your insurer.

Electronic tracking devices for fleet management, movement and access control or tracking goods assist our operators and clients around the globe through GPRS, Satellite, GSM or Wifi connections. Our security systems especially developed by ShieldEvac has the capacity of sending a panic alarm, their exact location while being traceable from our command and control centre operational 24/7/365. Our clients can have remote access to their fleet and needed data. ShieldEvac can use the remote connection to disable a stolen vehicle, or provide position or technical reports from the engine computer. Our system also sends alert messages if a system detects abusive usage or dangerous behaviour.

ShieldEvac has the legal authorisation to provide armed security services in certain countries, please do not hesitate to contact us for the operational areas. Sunforte can also be assisted by armed protection operators whenever necessary and when cross border operations make the legal frame complicated.

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