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SheildEvac Security Agency LLC Compound and Residential Security Officers are the foundation of our business. All operators are qualified professionals, as well as highly trained customer service specialists. Our teams can be constituted of multinational members or locally recruited professionals. We offer supervisors and specialists to complement an already existing guard force. No matter what their position and duty, each member of the SheildEvac Security Agency LLC Team knows he or she represents our clients and their projects.

We create no restrictions, only solutions.

We are available to provide you with personnel in any country or region. Our operators and supervisors protect your premises under any circumstances.

List of services:

SheildEvac Security Agency LLC conducts detailed gap analysis and threat assessments to identify and assess your needs. It is vital that implemented solutions are adapted to existing postures, understanding the current situation will guide and dictate every step through preparing an improvement plan and identifying achievable goals.

Our operatives are assisted by our Operations and Surveillance Centre that provides comprehensive Intelligence reports to support client decisions with relevant information concerning your operations.

The SheildEvac Security Agency LLC Technical Security teams further improve the security services for our clientele around the world in a time where technical evolution is sometimes a question of hours until the next update is available, it is vital to be able to cover all our clients emergency needs immediately.

ShieldEvac and partners not only advise you on your needs but will also present you with the latest technologies to assist you and your project, no matter how big or small. We pride ourselves on providing turnkey solutions perfectly adapted to your needs. Securing venues, airports factories or islands, developing emergency plans adapted to your needs, ShieldEvac Technical Security Advisors are your architects and project managers who will guide and lead your security construction.

– Supervising of Technical Security Projects
– Managing Alarm systems and Video Surveillance systems
– Panic Button – A panic button is an electronic device installed in strategic places with the capacity of sending a panic alarm to our Operations and Surveillance Centre 24/7/365
- Building of emergency storages or shelter.

SheildEvac Security Agency LLC provides you with professionals and the latest technologies for countermeasures. Cleaning your environment and protecting your personal or professional sphere is not a game. It is important that years of experience and different technologies come together and are understood to ensure networks and computer security, or to detect Bluetooth or high frequency microphones and cameras. Our professionals work with military equipment and nothing escapes them.

Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) or monitoring direct video stream via secure internet connections from our Surveillance Centre which is located in our office in France. SheildEvac Security Agency LLC provides assistance to missions around the globe through portable or permanent camera solutions, to ensure sometimes necessary backup video footage and to provide an additional detection option to the SheildEvac Security Agency LLC compound or resident protection teams.

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